Top Movies by Country

Movies from Hollywood dominates the market in big parts of the world and especially in the west. Also the Bollywood industry is huge but in USA and Europe the spreading are not as big as in Asia. Beside this two giant movie factories there rae so much more movies that deserves a bigger audience. In this section you will therefore see coverings of other countries.

The 100 best Brittish films counts down the best film made in Brittian chosen by a panel of 150 experts in the film industry.

The 49 best Brittish films of all time
In 2013 film critic Barry Norman did a listing for of his favorite Brittish films which spans over 75 years.

10 Great Japanese gangster movies
The list is done by Jasper Sharp and publiced on

50 Best Bollywood Movies mentions 50 movies worth seeing for fans of Indian Bollywood.

All lists that are linked to are done by film experts and includes referee and/or analyses of the listed films.