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17 Man of the West
Anthony Mann was one of the most prominent directors of western movies in the 1950s. Man of the West is one of his most matured and forming a tragedian drama.
Year: 1958 | Director: Anthony Mann

16 My Darling Clementine
John Ford is one of the most recognized western directors of all time and his movies always bear something of the old American history of the west. In My Darling Clementine he is telling his version of the famous Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday camaraderie.
Year: 1946 | Director: John Ford

15 Hour of the Gun
John Sturges return once again to depict the Wyatt Earp-Dock Holiday-Clanton Brothers ten years after his Gunfight at the O.K. Corral film. Hour of the Gun is a western with an ambition to tell the true story and therefore divide from the the legend.
Year: 1967 | Director: John Sturges

14 Rancho Notorious
Fritz Lang as the director and Marlene Dietrich as one of the characters in a splendidly told story. A man is searching for the murderer to his fiancée and follow the traces to a place called “Chuck-a-luck”.
Year: 1952 | Director: Fritz Lang

13 How the West Was Won
How the West Was Won includes so much more than a story about a revolver man or a fight between landlords. Here is the American early civilization portrayed in great pictures and integrates a fine story.
Year: 1962 | Directors: John Ford, Henry Hathaway, George Marshall & Richard Thorpe

12 Stage Coach
The breakthrough movie by the western director par excellence, John Ford. Stage Couch depicts some of the essences of western movies with the desolated Monument Valley as fond for human drama in a violent and undomesticated world. 
Year: 1939 | Director: John Ford

11 The Naked Spur
The best of the five movies Anthony Mann made with James Stewart as the main character. A well constructed plot with a wanted murderer who has been captured and are transported to his hanging. After it being confirmed that there is a reward involved the dynamic in the group changes.
Year: 1953 | Director: Anthony Mann

10 The Gunfighter
Gregory Peck portraits the feared gunfighter Jimmy Ringo that returns to a certain town with the intention to meet a woman he hasn’t seen for a long time. He has left his violent background behind, but he still has to deal with his reputation.
Year: 1950 | Director: Henry King

9 Hombre
Paul Newman plays the unconventional western hero John Russell reminding about Humphrey Bogarts Rick in Casablanca that only show which side he stands on with implicit gestures until a dramatic event forces him to expose it.
Year: 1967 | Director: Martin Ritt

8 The Unforgiven
Revisionist western of the best kind with Clint Eastwood as Bill Munny, former revolver man, but now old and regretful. But after a cut up of a prostitute he once again rides out when his old partner is asking for help.
Year: 1992 | Director: Clint Eastwood

7 Ride the High Country
The ex-sheriff Steve Judd is hired to transport gold trough dangerous territory. To his help he rides with an old and a new partner. The story tells what gold can do with people and their loyalties. 
Year: 1962 | Director: Sam Peckinpah

6 Red River
One of the best contribution from Howard Hawks to the genre. John Wayne and Montgomery Clift are the father and son herding cattle to Missouri. Then the son turns against the tyrannical father a bitter confrontation takes place.
Year: 1948 | Director: Howard Hawk

5 The Wild Bunch
Sam Peckinpah puts a new rawness to the western genre with The Wild Bunch that may be his masterpiece. The movie shows a new kind of esthetic of violence and depicts a couple of desperate humans and their restlessness.
Year: 1969 | Director: Sam Peckinpah

4 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
A celebrated western movie with the pair-horses Paul Newman and Robert Redford as Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid. After doing one too many bank jobs they are being hunted by a large force, driving them to Mexico and the ending is classic. 
Year: 1969 | Director: George Roy Hill

3 The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
John Ford’s late western film is loaded with symbols and rich of nuances. A senator arrives at Shinbone for attending the funeral of Tom Doniphon. The question is why such a simple man known for drinking attracts a visit from a Washington senator. 
Year: 1962 | Director: John Ford

2 The good, the bad and the ugly (Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo)
Sergio Leones masterpiece with Clint Eastwood as Blondie, a bounty hunter with very odd methods. He and Tuco enter a partnership without trust in the quest for a gold treasure. The upper hand between them shifts many times along the way.
Year: 1966 | Director: Sergio Leone

1 The Searchers
A western movie monumental in its complexity and as storyteller of a hazardous, bygone world. John Wayne comes and goes out through the screen in the intro and the final, which renders two classic film sequences.
Year: 1956 | Director: John Ford

The story of the western frontier in 19th Century America

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