7 Best Erotic Thrillers

The erotic thriller is essentially based on the thriller structure, but adds an erotic flavor. The erotic ingredients assist the main story with an extra exhilaration for the audience. The erotic relationships among characters are usually an element that contributes to the story and can often be the reason for the main intrigue. The desirability of sexuality makes people do radical things and this is one of the typical components in this sub genre.

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The list

7 The Blue Room
The French movie The Blue Room (La Chambre Bleue, 2014) centers around a secret love affair which also generate a crime that lets the audience guess about the details.  
Year: 1980 | Director: Nicolas Roeg

6 Bad Timing
A teaching professor (Art Garfunkel) meets a younger woman (Theresa Russell) and a romance begin with obsession, jealousy and betrayal unhealthy mixed together.  
Year: 1980 | Director: Nicolas Roeg

5 Cat People
Irena and Paul are cat people that transform to panthers after having sex with humans. Paul Schrader’s remake is in level with the original from 1942 and, because of the different time periods, less “censured” in part of nudity.
Year: 1982 | Director: Paul Schrader

4 Bound
Bound may have some minor clichés, but the main impression of this film is very good. It is a stylistic thriller with film noir reminiscences and the story is a high-level work.
Year: 1996 | Director: Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski

3 The Swimming Pool (La piscine)
Marianne and Jean-Paul spends their summer vacation in a house near Saint-Tropez. Then Harry makes a visit together with his daughter the relationships became complicated.
Year: 1969 | Director: Jacques Deray

2 BodyHeat
Kathleen Turner and William Hurt fall in love by false premises in this movie that build up around a clever story and a sharp dialogue.
Year: 1981 | Director: Lawrence Kasdan

1 Straw Dogs
David (Dustin Hoffman) and Amy (Susan George) is moving to the British countryside. David is busy with his mathematical work, and she is not satisfied with how much interest he shows for her. Because of that she shows interest in the workers around the house who are very interested in her too.
Year: 1971 | Director: Sam Peckinpah

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