10 Best Action Comedy Movies

The Best Action Comedy Movies according to GreatestMovies.org.

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10 Bad Boys
If you can handle endless of wrangle between two big egos which also are police detectives this one can be recommended.
Year: 1995 | Director: Michael Bay

9 Lethal Weapon
Definitely action and some laughs are certainly present. It is a pretty hard case to decide which is the best between first movie and the Lethal Weapon 2. It is, however, easy to say the rest of the sequels could match the first two. 
Year: 1987 | Director: Richard Donner

8 Lethal Weapon 2
Mel Gibson and Danny Glower succeeds a second time in being entertaining as companions solving crime and on the same time wrangle about  this and that. 
Year: 1998 | Director: Brett Ratner

7 Smokey and the Bandit
A classic in its own terms and early example of what a mix of action and comedy could lead to. Car chases to an excess and plenty of machismo are given then a redneck police chasing a road cowboy over 1.000 miles. 
Year: 1977 | Director: Hal Needham

6 The Princess Bride
The Princess Bride is told as a fairy tale of archetypal comportments which is matched with some peculiar features resulting in an original romantic adventure comedy.
Year: 1987 | Director: William Goldman

5 Ghostbusters
The ghost are explicit and even that it may not be all too scary the idea is original and give lots of room for comic scenes.  
Year: 1984 | Director: Ivan Reitmanl  

4 Beverly Hills Cop
The police Axel Foley got a mission that takes him away from the big city slum in Detroit and are replaced with the grandeur of Beverly Hills. Eddie Murphy in his hey days are delivering it and Harlod Faltermayer contribute with a classic soundtrack.  
Year: 1984 | Director: Martin Brest

3 The Mask
Jim Carrey’s character Stanley Ipkiss deviates from his role in life as a browbeaten to a crazy green super hero. This film is splendid in its creative mix of action and comedy. 
Year: 1994 | Director: Spike Jonze

2 Midnight Run
Robert de Niro and Charles Grodin bring about great dynamics. The excitement may hang on better for the younger audience, but there is also some true entertainment.  
Year: 1988 | Director: Martin Brest

1 48 hrs.
The story is terrific, but even better is the dialogue between the cop played by Nick Nolte and the convict played by Eddie Murphy. The movie has also been known as the first that features a contrasting duo working together solving crimes, but arguing even more. 
Year: 1982 | Director: Walter Hill

The twofold formula of smooth entertainment

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